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Business description

Provider of time series data management platform for Industrial IoT and process manufacturing. Replacing data historians and spreadsheets with high performance low cost enterprise data repository and web-based analytics to enable asset management, cost reduction and process visibility across the enterprise. Cloud based or on premise, incorporating digital twins using our Information Model, AI, Blockchain authentication and using edge and cloud, Automsoft offers the most up-to-date data platform for managing time stamped data fir the Industry 4.0 world.

Products and services

Automsoft supplies two software products which are integrated but also sold separately –
RAPID, a massive performance distributed time series database with local storage & cloud options RAPIDVision, a web-based full analytics product enabling ad hoc analytics & development of full blown applications in very short timeframes such as asset monitoring & visualisation, output reporting/analysis, asset performance comparisons, process performance analytics etc.

The distributed nature of the architecture makes it ideal as a data platform for environments containing diverse sensors, measurement devices - meters, control systems and other data generating systems. We have installations across traditional industrial automation environments, smart grid applications, substation automation, demand response, turbine monitoring & management as well as offshore process monitoring & marine asset management.

We incorporate an AI module to enable predictive analytics.

Value proposition

Automsoft enables the collection storage and analysis of enterprise volumes of time series data to drive down cost of operation, extend asset life and lower asset costs, optimise manufacturing processes, enable compliance and enable massive scale sensor networks by managing the data. The platform offers a dramatically lower cost environment compared to traditional technologies and enables fast installation, minimal ongoing intrusion and immediate value.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001:2012 certified Red Herring Top 100 Europe Red Herring Top 100 World

Key partners

• Subnet
• Survalent
• Atomiton
• Bistel
• Kongsberg QIO

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