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Business description

CARAGON resolve complex data management issue for Primary Care providers such as Retail Pharmacy Chains, Dental groups, Retail groups and Estate Agents.

Products and services

CARAGON have built a Data Management Platform called CARAGON FLEX. FLEX allows businesses to integrate all their data sources into a single view and augment that data. Typically, this is currently achieved manually using a series of spreadsheets. FLEX can fully automate these internal business processes that fall between established systems such as your Epos system, your accounts package etc..

Value proposition

Focused on the Primary Care Sector in the UK and Ireland, CARAGON FLEX is a Data Management Platform that transforms business operations by:
• Automating workflows & processes, freeing up employee time and driving continuous improvement.
• Connecting all data sources & people to give single view of the entire business.
• Building applications & using data to identify and correct areas of margin leakage.

We reduce the time employees spend managing data in Excel spreadsheets and create visibility of all business operations.

Key partners

• Microsoft
• Growing Capital

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