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Business description

EviView is an Irish start-up that develops smart manufacturing analytics software primarily for the Pharma and Biotech manufacturing industry, using unique domain and industry knowledge of lean manufacturing.

In this sector, the company has developed cutting edge software to capture key metrics and display focused insights.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers with a proven track record of regular meetings, follow ups and are on hand at all times to meet customer demands.

Products and services

Our software (e-ConnX) helps large and small facilities to optimise performance and gain rich data sets to aid with continuous improvement and change management.

EviView’s software helps managers to find the difference and make choices or decisions to help remove risk and uncertainty. EviView’s ‘e-ConnX’ application enables the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of operational performance by deploying and sustaining lean practises at a factory floor level.

This innovative software helps companies lower their manufacturing costs by decreasing downtime and improving productivity as well as providing an electronic shift handover tool to standardise reporting and enable instant access to information at every level of the organisation. e-ConnX eliminates the use of inconsistent time-consuming tools during the shift handover process thus decreasing organisational risk and inefficiencies.

Value proposition

Our main drive is to create competitive advantage and continuity for our clients by providing a platform to enable efficient, reliable and cost-effective production processes.

The expertise, motivation and necessity gap understanding that supports the conception of the e-ConnX software; stems from the founder’s background in pharma and biotech manufacturing for over twenty years.
This time was spent in the areas of plant management and lean deployment.

The problems associated with managing both pharma and biotech plants derive from their respective process complexities and the subsequent difficulties in measuring day to day performance of the plant. This can result in re-occurring downtime and production schedules having to be adjusted on almost a daily basis. The re-occurring downtime is due to batch cycle times overruns and rework required due to poor RFT (right first time) cleaning and changeovers. It is not that the teams aren’t conscientious or hard working, it is simply human nature - what gets measured gets managed.

EviView strives to provide pharma, biotech and chemical companies with the necessary tool to capture this downtime information in order to achieve the production schedule, decrease costs and ultimately make better informed decisions.

Key partners

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre
• National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training
• Enterprise Ireland
• Enterprise Europe Network
• Cork Chamber of Commerce

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