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      Business description

      With offices in Dublin, London and New York, Governor Software Ltd supports senior risk and compliance executives at financial institutions, maintain governance and oversight, through clear visualisation of their regulatory obligations and risk appetite.
      Founded in 2015 by CEO Richard Pike, the Governor Software team have first-hand experience of the production and oversight of governance information within financial institutions. Empowered with this unique knowledge, Governor Software have taken a fresh approach to addressing these challenges; using visualisation technology to efficiently tackle the issues associated with governance and oversight in their entirety.

      Products and services

      How can Governor Software Help?

      The Governor Software solution delivers an integrated and harmonized risk and performance management solution, that offers an innovative approach for organizations to map and monitor the complex interrelationship of risks, objectives, regulations, and frameworks across the organization. The Governor Software solution enables companies to map roles and responsibilities to objectives and risk, and track accountability, providing 360° contextual awareness of risk and objectives with clear reporting to decision makers.

      Governor Software addresses the lack of visualization and integration of risks across the organization. It achieves this by aggregating, integrating, and visualizing risk and performance information across the organization within a single platform, allowing it to be managed from one central location and ensuring accountability.

      Value proposition

      Governor Software: Enhanced Oversight, Proven:

      The Governor solution enables firms visualise their obligations and integrate the connecting risks, regulations, frameworks and policies across the organisation. This is done by aggregating, integrating and visualising each one along with performance information across the entire organisation. All within a single platform, allowing it to be managed from one central location and ensuring accountability. Governor's information architecture allows for flexibility in reporting and provides real-time feedback in the form of dashboards and notifications tailored for management.

      Governor enables financial institutions to manage its obligations across the organisation:
      • Mapping risk, obligations, objectives, and roles. Governor enables organizations to visually deconstruct and map objects such as risks and regulations to visualize and show complex inter-relationships.
      • Monitoring context. Governor allows organizations to monitor these relationships and alert when something occurs that might have a cascading impact of risk and exposure.
      • Tracking accountability. Governor then enables the organization to communicate and track accountability and ensure compliance and control across the organization.
      • Clients use the software to enable them to prove oversight as required by regulations/guidelines including SM&CR, Operational Resilience, Cyber Risk and AML.

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