Business description is a cognitive recommender engine powering talent databases, with 18 artificial intelligence solutions and HR & Recruitment automation products under one roof.

We power the talent operations of world-leading enterprises, job boards, career portals, recruitment agencies and job fairs.

Products and services provides real-time job matching, talent and skills analysis at scale. The technology enables one-click resume acquisition, analysis, discovery and "candidate noise" filtering, assisting the recruitment industry with powerful predictive tools:
- best suitable candidates for any given job description,
- per-market salary suggestions, candidate insights, leaderboards and shortlists.

The technology integrates with existing infrastructure via APIs or operates as a stand-alone SaaS solution.

Value proposition finds the highest potential candidates for roles through machine learning and AI. We solve a multi-billion dollar problem by activating 100% of the CVs in companies databases ensuring they hire the right people faster, smarter and at lower cost.

Key partners

• Microsoft

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