Business description

Tixserve operates a SaaS platform that enables existing ticket sellers for sport, music and other live events to replace paper tickets with secure digital tickets delivered direct to the mobile phones of fans and patrons.

Products and services

Tixserve is different in three main ways:

(1) Positioning - It does not sell tickets meaning no conflicts with rights owners, ticket sellers and other target clients
(2) Security – A PCT patent application has been filed in respect of unique security and reliability features.
(3) Digital commerce functionality – The interactivity of the ticket enables contextual digital commerce transactions and enhances the overall experience for fans and patrons.

Value proposition

Tixserve’s superior out-of-the-box solution enables its B2B clients to gain market share with a differentiated product, reduce the costs of ticket distribution, know their customers and who actually attends each event and generate new revenue streams from contextual digital commerce.

Key partners

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