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Business description

Trulife is an internationally based, Irish owned and managed company engaged in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of Class I medical devices. The group activities encompass Orthotics, Lower Limb Prosthetics, Breastcare and Pressurecare: rehabilitation and wearable Pressurecare.

Products and services

The Orthotic products provides soft & rigid bracing devices from cervical braces, spinal supports, knee supports & ankle-foot orthoses using the latest innovative technology.

Trulife Prosthetics is the brand name synonymous with prosthetic feet, knees & modular components.

We have manufactured post-mastectomy breast prostheses for women for over 50 years. The Women’s health line includes the most natural, lightest/coolest/softest breast forms available, as well as bras in fashionable & feminine styles. 2015 witnessed the international launch of Sublime, a 100% silicone, natural looking breast form featuring advanced cool micropore design. In 2016 we introduced Sublime Arís offering all the features of the Sublime, with added modifications. 2017 we launched the ReCover range for post-lumpectomy & post-reconstruction uses.

The Pressurecare range of Oasis, Oasis Elite, Azure & Oasis + is a range of gel pads & positioners used in Operating Rooms today.

Value proposition

Trulife manufactures world leading, class I medical devices in the areas of orthotics, prosthetics, breastcare and pressurecare.

Trulife manufactures to ISO standards with our products are available through 300 distributors in almost 100 countries.

Our products provide high quality, innovative, cost effective solutions for healthcare practitioners all over the world and most importantly – for their patients.

Standards and certificates

  • All products carry the CE Mark ISO 13485:2012 standards Compliant with all relevant EU and US FDA regulations

Key partners

• Network of 300 distribution partners across all markets served engaged in the supply of niche healthcare products

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